Red Card Info




Red Karma Cards are given to anyone who performs an act of unkindness, discourtesy, or dishonesty.  Every day we see self-entitled people who think they are above everyone else.  From taking up two parking spaces to tossing their litter, or talking loudly on their cell phones, these people take no personal responsibility for their actions.  Even worse, WE ENABLE their bad behavior by letting them get away with it.

Most of us feel uncomfortable getting involved, but it is much easier than you think to put a put a stop to bad behavior by using the Red Karma Card.

First of all, be polite.  Then calmly let the person know that you are giving them a Red Karma Card for whatever negative action they have done.  In many cases, you can just leave a Red Karma Card on their car, desk, or dinner table.

I have given out hundreds of Red Karma Cards and in every case except one, the person apologized and was concerned about incurring bad Karma due to their actions.  Once it was explained to them that their personal Karma would actually be rewarded with a positive Karma Point by registering the Karma Card, they felt relieved and thought the whole idea was great.

The main point of the Red Karma Card is to make others aware of their negative behavior in a proactive way and allow them to redeem themselves.  Keep in mind, when they register the Red Karma Card, it acts just like the Green Karma Card and generates a positive Karma Point for them and also for anyone else who has registered the same Red Karma Card in the past.

The one case that started badly actually turned out great.  A man had parked his very expensive car covering three parking spaces at a restaurant.  He caught me putting a Red Karma Card on his car window and told me to get away from his car.

I asked why he had to take up three spaces and he quickly responded that his car was new, very expensive, and he didn't want it to be scratched.  When I suggested that he park it farther back where there were no other cars, he just said he didn't feel like it.

I told him how beautiful his car looked, and that the last thing I would want is bad Karma for him or his car.  I handed him the Red Karma Card and he read the top line that says, "Throw Away at Your Own Karmic Risk."  He laughed, said "screw Karma", then threw the Karma Card toward the other parked cars.  My husband and I walked away as the man drove off squealing his tires.

As we were eating dinner, we noticed the same man pull back into the parking lot and park his car way in the back.  We then saw him crawl under several cars looking for the Red Karma Card he had thrown away.  He found it, read the entire card, then put it into his shirt pocket and quietly drove off.  That was a Karmic moment we will never forget!

A few days later we noticed that the Authorization Code that was on the Red Karma Card given to the bad parker had been registered.  He accepted personal responsibility by registering the Red Karma Card which then generated a positive Karma Point for himself and also for everyone else who had previously registered the same Red Karma Card in the past!

What goes around, comes around.  PASS IT ON!