Karma Points = Cash

Every time you register a Karma Card, or some one else registers a Karma Card that you have previously registered, you earn a Karma Point which is placed into your Karma Account located under the DASHBOARD navigation tab.


Your Karma Points are worth 1 penny each as Karma Cash.  When you signed up your Karma Account was awarded 100 Karma Points which is one dollar in Karma Cash.


The more Karma Cards you put out into the world, the more your Personal Karma Quotient grows as your Karma Connections increase and travel around the world.  Check back daily to see how many Karma Points were awarded over night, how far and fast your Karma Cards have traveled, and how much Karma Cash you have banked.


Once you have reached the minimum number of Karma Points of 1,000 ($10 in Karma Cash) you may redeem your Karma Cash toward donations to registered charities or for ANY consumer gift card on the planet.

Here is a link to view government approved registered charities.

CLICK for Registered Charities List