When my husband and I created in 2010 using a simple Go Daddy Do-It-Yourself website, it was just for fun.  I'm the CEO and have total control of all things financial and Ken is the CCO (Chief Creative Officer) with final say on all creative elements.  I'm very thankful to Ken for creating everything on our site including website design, art and logos, animations, music and songs, videos, and special coding to register Karma Cards, generate Karma Points, and the mapping of Karma Cards.


In 2013, Ken played in a celebrity poker tournament and gave away Karma Coins as Poker Card Protectors.  There were some startup developers who attended the poker tourney.  They told us that we had a very unique niche social network and that we should develop it to its fullest. They also warned that we should lock in our intellectual property, trademarks, and copyrights, which Ken has done. (Pictured below is actor Joe Manganiello who starred in "True Blood" and "Magic Mike" with my husband, Karma Ken.)

"True Blood" and "Magic Mike" actor Joe Manganiello with Karme Ken.

Karma Dar and Karma Ken at Website Startup Conference in San Francisco.

In 2014 we attended a startup developers conference in San Francisco with over 450 startups represented. The average age was 26, which made us the oldest developers at age 62.  Nevertheless, was voted the "Best New Concept" and we started bootstrap development on our site using our 401K savings.


Please Note: Our development funding strategy changed in 2014 after I was fired from Fox Television after working there just short of 25 years.  I was fired for sending one, yes one, personal email through the Fox server.  I sued for wrongful termination and Fox settled out of court.  Karma Dar Bio


As the website development continued, interest came from Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors. The largest offer, $15 million, came from an Angel investor who loved this video:


Karma vs Mark Zuckerberg YouTube Video


The reasons I have turned down all offers so far are these:


1. The Venture Capital companies and Angel investors that I have dealt with so far ARE NOT nice people.


2.  All offers to buy out the company so far would NOT retain me as the brand Ambassador of Karma, much like the Kentucky Colonel is used for KFC.  I also require a corporate board seat.


3.  Over a dozen qualified CPA and startup financial specialists have concluded that the minimum worth of our company is far higher than the offers made. is my legacy project and will allow me to do as much good for as many as possible. I have no doubt that I will need a large team of bright, talented, and internet savvy managers, coders, social media marketing specialists, etc., to run my company while I focus on this message: Good Karma comes from simply doing the right thing.  Own your actions, make amends, then move ahead.


Thank You to all the VCs and Angel Investors who are interested in investing into my niche social website. However, unless you are willing to retain me as the brand Ambassador for, then please don't contact me.


All my best,

Darlene Tipton aka Karma Dar