In Dev

These are just a few of the features that are currently in development or Coming Soon:

Karma Amends - An online section where members can offer and request public or private amends to past or current personal or business conflicts.

Amazing Karma Branded Games - We will offer an arcade full of great games including brain busters, puzzles, story lines, multi-player and first person competitive games.  In addition, Karma-specific games will be showcased that will allow competition from others around the world with Karma Cards and other prizes.

Amazing Karma Media - An Internet, Movie, and Television production company creating everything from reality shows to feature films and TV shows.

Apple & Android Mobile Apps - Our very cool and fun mobile apps are in development.

Karma Caching - Working in conjunction with Geo-Cachers around the world, Karma Cards and Karma Coins will be hidden in geographical treasure troves.

Karma Cafes - A chain of restaurants with "no bill" at the end of the meal.  Customers "pay forward" what they believe the meal and service were worth to them.  Karma Cards are given to all patrons.

Karma Canines - A program to assist police departments with acquiring K-9 units as well as helping retired K-9s with adoption into civilian families.

Karma Cares - A charitable section with the simple goal of helping the greater good of the planet and humanity.

Karma Careers - A section where members can search, post, and apply for jobs.

Karma Carma - A section where members can get the absolute best deals with the least hassle or pressure for new and used cars.

Karma Cay - A real island where members are awarded vacations of a life-time for acts of kindness, honesty, and courtesy.  The island is also home to Karmaville where terminally ill members (with family), are offered a beautiful and peaceful hospice to pass with dignity at no cost.

Karma Clap Award - Awards given to individuals, groups, or companies, for outstanding acts of kindness, honesty, or courtesy.

Karma Clicker/Counter - An addition to our Mobile App which will allow people to track their daily personal acts of kindness, honesty, and courtesy which increases their Karma Quotient and the quality of their lives.

Karma Collection - A line of Karma clothing, cosmetics, and accessories.

Karma College - A section where members are awarded educational tuition assistance, grants, and scholarships.

Karma Connections - As Karma Cards are passed on, you build your own unique Karma Connection network with those who register the same Karma Card.

Karma Cops - A program to acquire individual body cameras for law enforcement across the nation.

Karma Counsel - A section where members can get legal advice on any topic.

Karma Coupons - Discounts on goods and services from vendors around the world.

Karma Court - An online dispute resolution system where members bring their conflicts and allow members to act as the jury.  Karma Points are awarded for jury participation as well as to the winner of the case.

Karma Crowdfunding - Simply put, raise funding for anything.

Karma Kitchen - A section where members upload and discuss their best recipes.  Restaurants will offer Karma Coupons.  Branded cooking and prep equipment will be offered.

Karma Meet-Up - A section where like-minded members can meet, marry, whatever.

Karma Slap Award - Awards given to individuals, groups, or companies, for outlandish acts of unkindness, dishonesty, or discourtesy.

Karma Stars -  Star in our professional HD music videos to be shot in Hollywood!  We will open up world-wide YouTube auditions.  More details will be sent in our monthly newsletter.

KarmaVision - Visual mapping of Karma Cards showing your personal Karma Connections by travel time, distance, and lots of other data.

Karmocracy - A new Karmacratic political philosophy based on kindness, honesty, and courtesy and basically "doing the right thing" supported by a nation-wide network of Karmacrats.