How This Works

Amazing Karma is a niche social network based on the non-religious concept of "what goes around, comes around".  200+ million Americans believe in this concept of owning one's actions, making amends, then moving ahead. acknowledges acts of kindness, courtesy, and honesty, through the giving of Green Karma Cards.


Green Karma Cards exposes acts of unkindness, discourtesy, and dishonesty, through the giving of Red Karma Cards.


Red Karma Card


Even though the two types of Karma Cards are given to others for different reasons, BOTH types of Karma Cards are treated the same way when they are registered in your free account. 


When a Karma Card is registered, it generates a positive Karma Point for that person and ALSO for EVERY person who registered the same Karma Card in the past. 


When someone receives and registers a Red Karma Card, we assume that the person has “owned their actions” and taken personal responsibility for their bad behavior. If they haven’t, then Karma WILL pay them a visit.


As long as the Green or Red Karma Cards you registered keep being passed on, you earn UNLIMITED Karma Points.  Your Karma Points are redeemable as Karma Cash toward donations to registered charities or for any consumer Gift Card.


Your registered Karma Cards are tracked and mapped in your personal account along with Karma Points and your Karma Cash. The tracking and mapping system charts how far and how fast your Karma Cards travel around the world as you build your own Karma Connections.


You’ll be able to monitor your personal Karma Quotient as your Karma Cards are passed on. Your personal Karma Quotient affects your quality of life and happiness, which only you control.


There are three ways to get Karma Cards. They can be awarded to you from others, you may find them scattered around the world, or you may buy them online.




Good Karma comes from simply doing the right thing.  Own your actions, make amends, then move ahead.  It all starts with YOU at