The Karma of Creating Joy

  • The best Karma of all comes from making others happy in the most miserable of situations.


    I have always followed George Takei’s stories of his childhood experience in an internment camp during World War II. The very existence of those camps should bring a flush of shame to us all. Did you know – I didn’t – that SIXTY-TWO percent of those interned were American citizens? Fear begets bigotry; bigotry fuels fear.


    But when you read about the lives people lived inside those camps, you have to admire their ability to rise above their shameful imprisonment. Until I began researching, I had no idea that EVERY camp had Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops. You can read about these amazing kids here:


    The patriotism of the inmates, children and adults alike, was directed towards the US, not Japan, despite having their lives torn apart by the American government.


    The inmates held religious ceremonies, dances, cultural and crafts classes and, to my great delight, created swing bands!


    I came across this wonderful article which describes how these bands were formed and their guiding spirits:


    Take a moment out of your day to consider that these people knew that happiness and good Karma comes from dwelling on the positive. They certainly could have been sunk into despair from the horrific negativity of their situation, but they didn’t. What a great example these brave, good people are to us all.


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