Health and Karma

  • Have you ever thought about the connection between Karma and health?


    It’s scientifically proven that a positive attitude helps strengthen your immune system. And a negative attitude? Well, I have a personal story about that.


    My mom was a class A hypochondriac. She literally carried her x-rays from doctor to doctor, because “A good one could find out what’s wrong with me.”


    Every doctor I go to myself asks about my family history of breast cancer. I have to tell them that out of my mother’s family (five sisters) and my father’s family (seven sisters) and nearly 100 female cousins…yeah, girls run in our family…the ONLY one who had breast cancer was my mother, and I’ve always thought she “thought” herself into it. She had a mastectomy in her 50’s and called herself a “cancer victim” for the rest of her life.


    During a routine mammogram my doctor spotted some anomalies which can be the precursor to breast cancer. I had a small area excised and went through a brief course of radiation. I have a teensy little scar, am completely cancer free, and expect to be for the rest of my life.


    Is good Karma just good luck? Or is it something you can bring yourself through your attitude and actions?


    You decide.


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