A Red Karma Card Story

  • Many people are initially more excited about the red Karma Cards, because, let’s face it: we all run into jerks every day and telling them off isn’t always a healthy option. Then, on reflection, these same people who wanted a large supply of red Karma Cards become worried that giving one to someone who’s earned it will cause an unpleasant confrontation.


    As with any interaction, all I can say is, don’t be stupid about it. There’s no reason to get into a fistfight over a little red card. I end up slipping most of mine under windshield wipers, as there’s no shortage of people who are badly parked, illegally parked, or in handicapped spots without a handicapped license plate or placard. But I have one favorite red Karma Card story that I always tell:


    A while back, hubby Karma Ken and I were headed out to lunch at a local restaurant. Parked near the entrance was a beautiful, bright-yellow sports car – a Ferrari, I think. The owner had obviously just finished his lunch and was about to get in and drive away. Male bonding over cars…Ken made a beeline for the owner and started admiring the vehicle, which, naturally, pleased the owner very much. After giving his praise for the owner’s good taste in cars, Ken very politely added, “You know, you’re rather badly parked. You’re taking up well more than one space here.” The owner snorted slightly and replied “It’s a new car. I didn’t want it to get scratched.” Ken continued, “But there are plenty of wide, shady spots in the back of the lot. You could have parked there, couldn’t you?” Owner: “Well, I didn’t.” Ken, as politely as humanly possible, replied “I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to give you a red Karma Card.” The gentleman took it, read the back, looked at us and said “F**k Karma!” He flung the card aside, then got into the beautiful car and drove away.


    Ken and I shrugged. Ok, these things happen. We went into the restaurant and ordered our lunch.


    While we were waiting to be served, we saw this same unmistakable yellow car drive BACK into the parking lot. This time it parked in one of the wide, shady spots in the back. The owner got out, came to the front of the lot and crawled around on his hands and knees for several minutes, looking under parked cars until he found that red Karma Card he’d tossed away. He got back in his car and quietly drove away.


    We never heard from him again.


    Food for thought?


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