The Karma of Bullying

  • Good morning!


    Today’s Karma…well, let’s call it a rant…is about something there is little disagreement on: bullying is ALWAYS bad Karma – not for the recipient, but for the bully him/herself.


    Like many of you, I was regularly bullied as a kid and had little or no defense against it. My mom’s “just ignore it” actually made it worse. Intellectually, now and then, I know that bullying is the first refuge of the insecure, self-doubter, and perhaps the only way that person can develop any kind of positive feelings about him/herself. Sad as that is, it doesn’t overcome the pain and loneliness of being the victim of a bully. It is a fresh source of pain to me every time I read about a teen who was bullied to suicide.


    It doesn’t matter whether the bullying is in person, by phone, by digital media, or whatever. It’s pain deliberately inflicted for no better reason than to prop up someone who needs to bring others down in order to establish any kind of self esteem. Sad, sad, sad.


    Without mentioning names…is this the kind of person we want as an elected official? Someone who takes every opportunity to bully anyone who has given the slightest offense?


    How is that going to work in world politics?


    Frankly, it frightens me.


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