Karma, Mame, and Vera

  • It's been about two weeks since my last post.  Why the delay?  For the first week I was on vacation; for the second, on stay-cation.  Even we "retired" folks need some time to kick back and recharge our batteries.

    So what does a genteel senior citizen such as myself do for relaxation?  The first week I was in New York City with my pal of nearly 50 years, Karma Kathy, because the Red Hat Society (of which we are both proud members) was holding it's annual international convention there.  KK and I went in several days early; I love New York, and this was her first trip, so I wanted to show her everything that makes me delight in this wonderful city.

    So, we feeble, elderly ladies climbed to the top of the Statue of Liberty, danced with my pal the Naked Cowboy in Times Square, had a wonderful guided tour backstage at the New Amsterdam Theater (the current show is Aladdin, but it's the oldest theater on Broadway, and hosted the Ziegfeld Follies), saw four Broadway shows, including Hamilton, strolled through Central Park, sang Broadway tunes with the waiters at Ellen's Starlight Diner, visited the 911 memorial, toasted each other with scotch (her) and champagne (me) at a bar overlooking the Great White Way...oh, yes, and we also attended the convention.

    Is it any wonder I had to slow down when I got home?! 

    But my point is this:  nearly fifty years ago, when we were in high school, Kathy and I made a vow that when our kids were grown and gone, we'd go on the road as Auntie Mame and her pal Vera -- and if we weren't embarrassing our kids at least once a day, we weren't doing it right.  Well, nearly half a century later, she's Mame, I'm Vera, and we are living our lives by Mame's credo:  "Life is a banquet, and most poor bastards are starving to death!"

    Karma doesn't want you to go hungry in either body or soul.  Be sure you nourish both.