Karma of a Young Hero

  • You’ve probably never heard of Iqbal Masih. Very few people have. He is a true Karmic hero because he did the right thing, and ended up being murdered – at the age of twelve.


    Iqbal was sold into slavery by his parents in Pakistan when he was only four years old. He was sold to a carpet weaver, who chained his child slaves to their work for twelve hours a day, at the rate of pay of three cents per day. This was supposed to go towards paying off his parents’ debt to the weaver. They had sold Iqbal for the equivalent of $6 USD.


    This was not in antiquity. This was not in the dark ages. Iqbal Masih was born in 1983.


    After escaping at the age of ten, after learning that bonded labor was illegal, he was captured by police and returned to the weaver. He escaped again, and eventually helped over 3,000 of Pakistan’s estimated 7.5 million enslaved children escape their illegal bondage.


    He traveled the world, speaking about child slavery and bonded servitude. He wanted to become a lawyer and to help others.


    He was shot to death at the age of twelve.


    You are never too young, too weak, or too poor to do the right thing.


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