The Karma of a Stranger’s Smile

  • Like many people, I’m often guilty of crawling into my own little bubble when I travel on public transportation. I pull out my book or put in my headphones, and that’s it until I reach my destination. Shame on me, especially since I wrote an entire book about how to increase one’s personal Karma Quotient and enhance one’s quality of life, and a good portion of that is about being aware of and kind to those around you, particularly strangers.


    I was riding home on the subway this evening after another day of jury duty. A gentleman in worn but clean clothing sat down next to me. I simply ignored him as I would anyone unknown to me who sat down in such close proximity.


    But this gentleman turned to me with a dazzling smile and said, “I hope you’re having a lovely day!” How could I help but smile back at him? He acknowledged my presence with a kindness, something I had neglected to do.


    He got off the train a few stops before I did, but not before once again turning that radiant smile on me and saying, “Hope your evening is lovely too!” Then he disappeared out the doors.


    I’ll probably never see him again. But you see how something so simple brought a bit more joy into the world?


    Lesson learned by Karma Dar.


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