Karma Cat and Other Heroes

  • There are thousands of wonderful animal shelters in the US. Today I’m going to highlight a very special one: the North Shore Animal League America in Port Washington, New York.


    They are the largest no-kill shelter in the world – not just the US – and since 1944 they’ve rescued over one MILLION cats, dogs, puppies and kittens.


    And, most Karma-worthy of all to my way of thinking, they’ve instituted an award for heroes. Not human heroes; animal heroes.


    You may remember a news story about twenty years ago about a feral cat named Scarlett. She and her five kittens lived in the garage of a New York crack house. The garage caught on fire, and Scarlett, though badly burned and her eyes blistered shut, managed to get all five of her kittens out to safety. Because she couldn’t see, she touched noses with each one to assure herself that her babies were alive. One of the responding firemen, David Gianelli, took Scarlett and her kittens to the North Shore Animal League where they were treated for three months. One kitten died of an unrelated virus, but the rest of the family, including Scarlett, were healthy enough to be adopted.


    Scarlett lived with her loving adoptive family for nearly ten years before passing on.


    Stop for a moment to consider how much genuine good Karma there is in this tale of a selfless animal: Scarlett herself, firefighter Gianelli, and everybody at the North Shore Animal League.


    The North Shore Animal League’s Scarlett Award is presented to animals who have engaged in heroic acts to benefit others, whether humans or other animals.


    For more stories of heroic animals, visit http://www.fidofriendly.com/blog/ten-animals-who-have-earned-awards


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