Karma and the Food Cowboy

  • We’re all guilty of food waste; it’s a fact of our fast-paced, consumer-driven life. A podcaster I love used to refer to “aspirational vegetables” – you know, the ones you buy intending to add to your healthier eating plan, but somehow forget until you have to throw them out with their other little fur-bearing friends.


    Enter a quiet, local hero. Have you ever heard of the Food Cowboy? I’m betting you haven’t.


    In the US, thousands of pounds of perfectly good food, especially produce, goes to waste because it doesn’t meet our finicky aesthetic standards: bruised, spotted, blemished, off-color, but completely edible food gets routinely dumped into landfills. The mission of Food Cowboy is to get that healthy, good food to those who need it. It’s a win/win: truckers who drop off unwanted food get “cowboy points” for free food or showers at truck stops; we reduce our landfills; and hungry people get fed. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, they invest 2/3 of their revenues in food charities and waste-reducing businesses and technologies.


    Read more about it here: http://www.foodcowboy.com/


    We are giving Food Cowboy our very first Karma Clap award.


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